Thumbelina by Tchaikovsky

It is not often that you see a full-length performance designed for children. Thumbelina ballet, which is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, was designed for family viewing. The audience will see flowers, elves, butterflies, swallows, moles, toads, spiders on the stage. Bright realistic costumes of animals help artists to build up bright memorable images. The sets come alive due to video art and animation, and together with the music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky create an amazing atmosphere of fairy tale and celebration.


Ballet in two acts

Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Choreography: honoured artist of Russia – Irina Lazareva

Act 1

Thumbelina is sleeping inside a lily. In the morning, when the flower opens, she goes outside. Thumbelina rejoices in the sun and dances with beautiful flowers. A Frog appears in the meadow. She sees Thumbelina and decides that she would make a good wife for her son. She sets off to search for her children.

Little Froggies are playing carelessly, jumping and catching mosquitoes. Mother Frog picks one and takes him to meet the bride. Thumbelina is horrified when she sees the groom. She tries to escape, but Mother Frog holds her tight and leads her away to prepare for the wedding. Two Frog Brothers stay in the meadow and have fun chasing a butterfly.

Thumbelina manages to escape after all, but Mother Frog follows her. Thumbelina asks the Beetle, whom she meets on her way, to help her. Fleeing from the pursuit, Beetle flies in a tree with Thumbelina. He likes her a lot, and he is ready to marry her, but the society of Bugs, Caterpillars and Beetles does not accept her. He gets mocked by his kind for his choice. The Beetle submits to their opinion, takes Thumbelina down to the ground and flies away.

She wanders through the forest for a long time. Autumn comes, then winter. Thumbelina is cold and hungry. She loses strength and falls senseless. Mouse finds her and carries to her hole, where Thumbelina regains consciousness.

Act 2

Mouse decides to marry off Thumbelina to Mole. She invites Mole to see the bride. The groom is blind, but greedy. The fact that the bride doesn’t eat much and doesn’t ask for anything suits him, and he decides to marry her.

Thumbelina runs out of the hole to get some air. At the same time a Swallow with a broken wing falls down. She is freezing. Thumbelina covers her with leaves. Mouse runs out of the hole and takes the bride to prepare the dowry.

Spiders weave the veil, and Mouse makes Thumbelina sew her wedding gown.

Spring has come. The swallow has recovered. She thanks Thumbelina for saving her, and flies away.

Wedding day comes. Thumbelina begs Mouse not to marry her off, but Mouse will not listen.

Mole appears with his friends. They are ready for the wedding. Thumbelina asks to let her say goodbye to the sun, which she will never see again. The groom does not mind. To pass the time, moles start counting the money.

Thumbelina runs out to the meadow, she weeps saying goodbye to the sun, the flowers and the blue sky. The Swallow is flying by. She sees Thumbelina and goes down. The Swallow learns about the grief of her savior, and invites her to go to the warm countries, where she would be free. Thumbelina gladly accepts. Mouse and the moles, who spring out of the hole, cannot stop her.

The Swallow and Thumbelina fly for a long time, and they finally land in a charming place with a lot of sun and flowers, where elves live, small as Thumbelina. The handsome Prince stands out. He falls in love with Thumbelina at first sight. She is also fascinated with him. A celebration begins. Everybody is happy and dancing.