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Cinderella – our new premiere!

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November 23 at 12.00 in the Moscow cultural center “ZIL” will take place the premiere of ballet “Cinderella” in the original production and choreography by  Sofya  Gaidukova and Constantine Matulevsky.

ЗолушкаBallet in two acts

Production and choreography: Sofya Gaidukova, Konstantin Matulevsky

Libretto: Sophia Gaidukova, Konstantin Matulevsky based on the tale of the same name by Charles Perrault

Music: Sergey Prokofiev

Costume design: Olga Titova

Scenic design: Yuri Samodurov

Age: 0+

Duration: 2 h 15 min (with one interval)

About the performance

Moscow State Ballet Theatre, founded in 2016, headed by Lyudmila Titova has already won the love of the audience in Russia and around the world. Each year, a young and ambitious team consisting of graduates of the best choreographic schools of our country releases a new performance in collaboration with famous choreographers. The premiere of this season is the two-act ballet Cinderella to the music of S. Prokofiev based on the fairy tale of the same name by Charles Perrault. The original libretto and staging is the result of the joint work of Sofya Gaidukova and Konstantin Matulevsky, both laureates of Russian and foreign competitions.

ЗолушкаThe curtain rises, and the viewer is inside a magic book, literally and figuratively. The voluminous scenery and props create an illusion of a fantasy world. Flying out of children’s cards, paper pictures come to life, turning into characters that inhabit the fairy kingdom, where citizens love and know how to dance. The King, of course, dances best. He is happy to teach his people. The clumsy, lazy sisters Zlyuka and Krivlyaka, headed by their Stepmother, can not succeed, despite their huge conceit. Stupidity and malignity prevent them from gliding elegantly around the ballroom. The modest and hardworking Cinderella, on the contrary, grasps everything quickly. Her dance conquers the Prince. The fatal striking of the clock dispels the charms of the good Fairy-godmother, the carriage turns into a pumpkin, but the charm of innocence, simplicity, unprecedented at court, remains domineering over the heart of the young prince, forcing him to go in search of his beloved.

ЗолушкаThe performance is based on neoclassical choreography, where traditional ballet steps alternate with unexpected breaks in the body, with free plasticity inherent in modern dance. This style allows to most fully convey the atmosphere of a fairy kingdom.

Cinderella by S. Gaidukova and K. Matulevsky is a colorful, funny, vivid performance, full of humor embedded in the music of S. Prokofiev. The ballet will bring a lot of joy to both the smallest spectators and their parents, because almost every adult is a child inside who sometimes really wants to believe in a good fairy tale for at least a couple of hours.